FAQ Collabs

How do I submit a collab request?
If you would like to submit a collab request please contact us at collabs.shopallisonpearl@gmail.com and make sure to include links to your social media. 

What are the requirements for a collab?
We are happy to collaborate with anyone who loves our brand! When we collaborate with creators we want to make sure it's super authentic and organic on both ends. We are looking to work with people who follow our page, engage with our content, and genuinely love our products. While there are no specific requirements there are a few things we are looking for! Your account must be on public and have lots of posts. We are looking for someone who can take good quality pictures, has a creative style and a cute aesthetic. We are open to working with accounts of all sizes but you would need a minimum of 2,000 followers. Good engagement is key and is one of the main things we look for. 

I submitted a collab request and haven't heard back?
We receive a lot of request to our collab email. We check through the request when we are ready to pick more accounts to work with. We read all our emails so yours will not be missed. Unfortunately, we do not have time to reply to each one. If we are interested in working with you we will reach out.